PerfectVC (

Project Description:

PerfectVC is a San Francisco-based high definition video conferencing company. They are a value-added reseller with clients across America, Europe and Asia. At a pivotal point of growth, they decided it was time to modernize their existing website.


Incorporate Perfect VC’s current branding in a way that compliments a fresh and modern website. Present lots of information in a way that isn’t overwhelming to website visitors. Create a portal to sell nine video conferencing brands through one website.


  • 40+ page responsive site
  • E-commerce integration
  • Clear differentiation between 9 partners
  • Sitemap footer for quick overview
  • Iframe integration
  • Customized social sharing features
  • Live chat & free demo floating buttons
  • Custom-coded flipping cards
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Sitewide search box