BRAGI is a full-service ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for

apparel design, development and manufacturing

Our professional teams can oversee step-by-step of all Product Design & Development procedures – Shipment to our client’s warehouse anywhere in the continental U.S and Canada.

  • Manufacturing – Over 2 decades of experience in the Garments Industry
  • Product Design & Development – BRAGI’s professional global design team can anticipate the longevity of fashion trends and execute designs with precision
  • Sourcing & Supply Chain – With decades of carefully aligned partnerships across the globe, BRAGI has developed a reliable system of partners in production and logistics ensuring quality, and significant savings for our clients
  • Merchandising – Our merchandising teams can translate the true fashion landscape to our customers leading the way to success
  • Brand Development & Marketing – BRAGI Creative Services offers solutions in creating your branding, logos, apparel design & development, fashion e-commerce websites and apparel consulting. A full-service ‘One-Stop-Shop’ that can help your brand grow.
  • Distribution Centers –With strategically located Fulfillment centers across North America, we can access the entire continental US and Canada